Can Drones Deliver my Pizza Yet?

Can Drones Deliver my Pizza Yet?

You’ve probably read by now that Dominoes in New Zealand has just successfully delivered its first pizza by a drone. If not, take a look!

However, this is a delight which Australia has yet to have a sniff at – no pun intended – at least when it comes to the pizza delivery world. 

How close are we to getting pizza delivered by a drone? 

Even though we haven't as yet delivered our first pizza, In April 2019, the world’s first ever commercial drone services was approved for use in the Australian Capital Territory. The drones themselves are specifically designed for commercial use and are able to fly at 400ft above ground, whilst maintaining enough accuracy to deliver parcels when the delivery ‘target’. 

They are also capable of flying at speeds up to 120 kilometres per hour. The best part about these drones is that they are also using an electric power system, which means that they have zero carbon emissions. Take a look at how a coffee brand called Kickstart Expresso is experimenting with Drones to deliver coffee.

Pros of using delivery drones: 

The delivery systems now are not very efficient. We use up a lot of petroleum, create extensive amounts of emission and spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. Delivery drones, on the other hand, provide a safer system for delivery. Moreover, we would be consuming far less resources while doing the earth a favour (in terms of emissions). 

And when it comes to jobs, drones would allow unskilled workers to become skilled employees. Training these workers would help them increase their skill set while increasing their employability. 

At DroneIt, we really hope to see the commercialisation of drone delivery soon! Not just in Canberra, or the Australian Capital Territory, but Australia wide. We love drones and watching them advance and become an integral part of modern technology, and modern life has been an amazing experience for us. If you’d like more information on drones, you can find it on our website.

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