A week as a Drone Pilot

A week as a Drone Pilot

Being a beginner drone pilot comes with a bunch of challenges! From time-consuming admin work to understanding how to use drones to capture exactly what the client wants. Here at Droneit, we're all about empowering people and fostering great relationships with our team members. A few weeks ago, Sam worked with Droneit as part of his school vacation work experience program. Here is a little glimpse into his experience and his key takeaways!

During my time at Droneit, I had the opportunity to understand the life of a Drone Pilot. My time at Droneit was spent flying drones and completing other admin work like emails and editing videos.

On my first day, I completed some admin tasks relating to emails, banking and invoicing. The second day onwards, I was busy flying Drones!

I worked closely with Lee on different projects. Since CASA regulations are strict, I had to learn the ins and outs of flying drones safely. I learned about scanning the skies and understanding a little theory about flight and aviation.

Besides the boring but necessary admin work, flying drones was fun and helped me create visual content from a higher perspective.

I also became much more proficient at using the drone flying apps such as DJI, Go 4 and Drone Deploy. 

From being a P.A for a week all the skills I learned doing that such as banking, invoicing, etc. will help me during life and give me a head start on how to run a business. In the future, I would like to pursue a career in filming and video editing. Flying drones would give me the skills to fly in new places and capture unique views and scenes.

My time at Droneit was really informative and fun and gave me a much broader idea of how a business works as well as how Droneit operates with its customers and students. I also learned of the strict laws of CASA and how that affects the operations of a business. The only thing that was challenging was doing the paperwork that no-one wanted to do!

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