Finally! Drone Insurance That is Flexible (and Affordable)

Finally! Drone Insurance That is Flexible (and Affordable)

A drone is a serious investment. Whether you are an enterprising business person taking advantage of drones’ many business applications, or an enthusiastic hobbyist flying a drone for the simple pleasure of it, that investment needs to be protected.

So what better way to protect something important to you than a comprehensive insurance policy? The trouble is that for a long time, drone insurance has been prohibitively expensive and / or hard to match to the many and varied uses of drones for business or pleasure. Until now, that is. We have teamed up with the people at Precision Autonomy to give you a great deal on a drone policy that fits your unique needs and budget.

Cover built around you

Nobody likes to pay over the odds for cover that’s surplus to their requirements. Moreover, nobody likes it when an insurance policy does not cover the actual value of what is lost or damaged.

The great thing about Precision Autonomy’s cover is that it uses a ground-breaking flight management system so that they know when you are in the air and when you are on the ground, so your cover is tailored accordingly with true flexibility. You can select cover on a Pay-Per-Fly basis combined with a low base-rate for ground cover. So you need not worry about your policy being void for damage incurred on the ground or have to contend with excessive costs if you only get to fly your drone now and then.

There are also flexible liability limits as well as hull coverage options to ensure that whatever you need to use your drone for, your policy has you covered.

Better cover. Less expense. It really is that simple.

Why choose Precision Autonomy?

Precision Autonomy are not the only guys out there offering drone insurance. However, they are the best placed to offer drone insurance that is both flexible and affordable. They have a dedicated team of underwriters with over a decade of experience in the esoteric field of Aviation and Drone Underwriting.

They have a range of insurance options that is peerlessly flexible and comprehensive. Furthermore, they can provide valuable data insights which can prove beneficial in all kinds of commercial drone operations.

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Whether you are flying a drone for business or pleasure, the cost of replacing or repairing a damaged drone can be financially crippling. Drone insurance should be considered essential no matter when, why or how often you fly your drone.

Moreover, with Precision Autonomy you can avoid paying over the odds while ensuring that your cover is matched to your exact needs.

Why not take a look for yourself? Click Here to get a quote that is 100% free of both cost and obligation. You may be surprised by just how much you have been over-paying for a policy that lacks the flexibility you need.

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