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We are a CASA training school training recreational and commercial drone pilots right across Australia.

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CASA Licence

When you buy a drone, the possibilities might seem endless, but only once you gain a certain amount of experience and potentially make some, hopefully, minor mistakes will it become apparent that there are very strict rules in place governing their operation. A CASA drone licenceis the kind of certification that is required for drone pilots that want to make some money out of their new hobby. CASA is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and they seek to safeguard both the public and industry as well as drone pilots from the consequences of improper use.

CASA Drone Licence Courses Online in Australia

At Droneit, we are a CASA drone training school that wants to make the process of learning what is required to commercially pilot your drone that bit easier. We are all drone pilots in our own right and we started out the very same way as you did – hobbyists that recognised the potential earning power that drones offer.

We appreciate that there are many things that you need to learn to properly and confidently fly your drone and so we developed an online learning platform that can help you gain the kind of knowledge and expertise that is a basic requirement if you intend to derive an income from your new drone.

Why A CASA Licence Is Important

By engaging with our service you can hope to access the best of training courses and private drone coaching, certification and CASA licensing, the cheapest DJI drones and accessories – guaranteed, a highly trained and skilled team of pilots for hire, and, a free app that will give you instant access to drone deals, training and the ability to log flights.

A CASA licence testis something that any serious drone pilot with intentions of making their services available to others must have. Whether you fly sub 2kg drones or something a little more sophisticated, the need for certification and proof that you have completed adequate training is essential.

Here at Droneit, our state of the art online learning system will allow you to not only learn at your own pace and gain confidence by approaching each module in your own time, but it will also enable you to connect with other drone students so that you can share information, engage with the community and participate in discussions.

We expect that you have identified the earning potential that drones have. Aerial photography is stunning and adds value in a wide variety of industries. No matter where you live in Australia the reality is that there is definitely a business out there that could benefit from your skills.

Agriculture, media, mining, construction, civil engineering and many more industries have all embraced the cost and time savings that drone pilots can deliver, but without the appropriate certification to your back, your employability may be somewhat limited.

Make Progress Towards A CASA Drone Licence

A CASA licenceis essentially your passport to achieving many more things as a drone pilot. Without it, you may always be considered an amateur pilot. Those that may not have engaged with education for some time need not worry about whether they will have the capabilities to reach the desired level to get their licence. At Droneit, we have a 99% pass rate for commercial drone certifications. Our courses are comprehensive, and they aren’t easy, but the means by which we deliver them ensure the greatest chance of success for our students.

Nobody can offer a better price or course with the kind of depth and knowledge resources that we have here at Droneit. As such, we encourage you to contact us today to book your place and allow your career to take flight.

Droneitis a CASA drone training school that helps recreational & commercial fliers earn drone flying licences across Australia. We help train drone pilotsand help fliers earn their remote pilot license. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.



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Includes $40 CASA Fee



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