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Drone Licence & Training In Melbourne

Technology has brought many conveniences to our lives. The ability to access drones has transformed businesses across the world and has turned into a particularly unique hobby at the same time. However, the process of flying a drone requires a certain amount of skill and an appreciation of what it takes to do so safely and in a way that has minimal impact on the lives of others.

The good news is that technology has helped us all once again, given that those seeking drone training in Melbourne can now access everything that they need to become certified drone pilots online.

Drone Training in Melbourne with a Difference

Here at Droneit, we are the industry leaders in terms of drone training, insurance and licensing. What differentiates us from the rest of the field is that in our business we are not only experts on drones, but all of us, every single one, are commercial-qualified drone pilots. We are a CASA drone training school and so you can depend on us for a complete and up-to-date program that will ensure that once you earn your certification, you will have the requisite depth of knowledge needed to fly your drone safely.

While our online course makes it simple for anyone to earn their certification, we also provide private drone coaching and our highly-trained pilots are available for hire for those that require a drone as a one-off, or for a project that they are undertaking.

Why You Need Drone Training In Melbourne

There are some basic rules that apply with regards to flying drones in Australia. Those that own a drone that weighs under 2kg, even for commercial reasons, are entitled to fly it once they notify the CASA ahead of time and obey the standard rules that prevail.

The basics include:

  • Flying the drone only during daytime hours
  • Maintaining a distance of 30 metres from any other person
  • Flying it no higher than 120 metres above ground
  • No more than one drone should be flown at any given time by the same person
  • Video or photographs of people should not be taken without their consent
  • The drone should always be kept within a visual line of sight while in flight

While that covers hobbyists as well as some commercial users, once you acquire a drone that exceeds the 2kg ‘excluded’ category, then a remote pilot licence is needed. At Droneit, this is where we come in and can assist those that require a drone licence in Melbourne to achieve certification in a fast, simple and easily-accessible way.

We believe that the road to commercial certification should be a relatively straight-forward one. As such, our streamlined service allows you to learn on your own time. You can learn by reading, watching and listening and, should you need some extra assistance, we also provide free tutoring sessions.

Get Your Melbourne Drone Licence Today

The fact of that matter is that those that want to gain formal certification have the best chance of achieving it first time with us. Our 99% pass rate speaks to the clarity and effectiveness of our methods and the results cannot be denied.

So, whether you are hoping to take your business to the next level or if you simply wish to add a new skill that could afford you new earning possibilities, get in touch with us here at Droneit for the best drone training Melbourne natives could hope to find. Our prices won’t be beaten and our training methods are an investment that will deliver a fast return. Call, email or drop in today.

Droneit is a CASA drone training school that helps recreational & commercial fliers earn drone flying licences across Australia. We help train drone pilots and help fliers earn their remote pilot license . Browse our website further or contact us for more information.



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