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The Sub 2Kg Light Commercial course is a great way for hobbyists in Sydney to enter the drone industry and get insured to fly drones commercially under 2Kg. We have stripped out important information from the full commercial course (RePL) in order to suit your needs to operate in Sydney.

Our students generally complete the online component in 2-3 days with our online learning platform, combined with a half-day practical training and assessment in Sydney. Our gst-free courses and packages are able to be financed interest-free, just choose ZipMoney or Openpay at checkout. Contact us for lay-by.

Online Learning

Fast and easy to use. Learn at your own pace.

Practical Training

You'll spend half a day flying with our instructor.

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Tutoring Available

We can assist you with the theory side of the course.



If you want to know more our team of UAV specialists are ready to take your call and answer your questions.

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Sub 2kg Drone Licence

So you’ve just bought a drone and are excited about getting out into some nice open spaces to fly it. Those that have just dipped their toes into this exciting and ever-growing hobby will most likely have a drone that is 2KG or less in weight and which therefore is not for commercial use. While you might have intentions to try and generate an income from it, it is worth taking a step back and considering gaining a sub 2kg drone licence.

Sub 2KG Drone Course Online

AS a CASA drone training school, the team here at Droneit offer a wealth of courses and knowledge that will help pilots of all levels of capability and skill to take their flying to new heights. All of our courses meet QBE standards and are, unsurprisingly, CASA certified.

How to Fly A Sub 2kg Drone

Our light commercial course can be completed very quickly, within 2-3 days for the majority of students, and after completing a half-day practical assessment and training, you are good to go. Not only is our learning system streamlined for ease of use and understanding, but our team is comprised entirely of expert drone pilots, all of whom are commercial-qualified pilots. Rest assured, no matter what knowledge gap you have, or additional insights you require, we have all bases covered.

The nice thing about starting a new hobby is that you will most likely undertake the learning and education part of it on your own and this journey of exploration can be made even more fulfilling when what you have picked up affords you larger incremental jumps in your ability to pilot the drone.

Sub 2kg drone training is a great way for you to move your learning up a notch and open the door to new possibilities. Once you are certified this will enable you to get insured to fly drones commercially in this category. Perhaps you just want to make a few bucks on the weekend to bolster your primary income, what better way to achieve this by making it possible to make money while you fly your drone?

Naturally, the capabilities of a sub 2kg drone will be limited compared to some of the more sophisticated models beyond that weight limit, but regardless, this does not mean that opportunities are not there. Best of all, once you have completed the course, this is a fantastic means to advertising your abilities and making you that bit more attractive than any of the other hobbyists in your area.

Take Our Sub 2kg Drone Course Today

At Droneit, we appreciate that there are many people out there who are wary of drones or don’t know what they do or what they are for. Where someone in this mindset realises that they could use a drone to help advance their business or cause, then they will undoubtedly want to hire someone that has professional credentials, so that the risk is minimised.

Our sub 2kg drone course can equip you with the knowledge and skill that you need to capably fly your drone. Best of all, our prices won’t be beaten, so even if you find a course from a competitor at a lower rate, let us know and we will match or beat it. So, why not book a free career consultation today that could help you pilot your drone with greater confidence and maybe even lead to a new means of making money.

Droneit is a CASA drone training school that helps recreational & commercial fliers earn drone flying licences across Australia. We help train drone pilots and help fliers earn their remote pilot license . Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

Fly drones commercially as a Light Commercial Pilot

The Sub 2Kg Light Commercial course is a great way for hobbyists to enter the drone industry and get insured to fly drones commercially under 2Kg. We have stripped out important information from the full commercial course (RePL) in order to suit your needs to operate in Australia. 

 The Sub 2Kg Light Commercial course offers online theory modules through videos, manuals, access to additional resources and quizzes in easy to follow modules which can be completed in your own time. 

 Upon completion of your online competency, a one day practical assessment can be booked in your nearest capital city in order to complete your practical flight assessment. 

 Once the one day assessment is complete, the team at Droneit will give a Certificate of Competency and send you the appropriate next steps in order for you to get insured. Completion of the Sub 2Kg Light Commercial Course will allow you get insured and to fly any multi-rotor <2 however you will still have restrictions to further exemptions (e.g. flying at night) and the ability to fly in restricted airspaces (e.g. helipads, airports etc). 

 In order to get access to flying in these restricted areas and exemptions, the full Commercial Course (RePL) is required to be completed. Droneit also offers this course and your Sub 2Kg Light Commercial course will be applied as financial credit towards your RePL licence if you decide to upgrade.

Sub 2Kg Class

Light Commercial

Online Learning

Practical Assessment 

 Lay-by Available 

 Finance Available


Sub 2kg Course Content

Aviation & RPAS Legislation

1.1 Australian Aviation Regulatory Framework 

    1.1.1 Civil Aviation Act 1988 

    1.1.2 Civil Aviation Regulations 1988, and Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998        1.1.3 Civil Aviation Orders (CAO’s) and Manual of Standards (MOS) 

    1.1.4 Civil Aviation Advisory Publications (CAAP) and Advisory Circulars (AC) 

    1.1.5 Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) 

1.2 Regulatory Bodies and Service Delivery Agencies 

     1.2.1 Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) 

     1.2.2 Airservices Australia1.2.3 Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) 6 

1.3 Civil Aviation Safety Regulations -Part 101 

1.4 CASA Remote Pilots Licence (RePL) 

     1.4.1 Licencing Process and Requirements 

     1.4.2 Licence Privileges and Limitations

Principles of Flight

4.1 Lift Generation 

 4.2 Effect of Drag 

 4.3 Propeller Design Features 

 4.4 Multi-Copter Configuration 

 4.5 Aircraft Manoeuvres 

       4.5.1 Aircraft Acceleration/Deceleration 

       4.5.2 Aircraft Roll 

       4.5.3 Aircraft Yaw 

       4.5.4 Aircraft Ascent/Descent

Aircraft Systems

5.1 Aircraft Components 

5.2 Aircraft Powerplant 

      5.2.1 Flight Controller 

      5.2.2 Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) 

      5.2.3 Brushless Electric Motors 

      5.2.4 LiPo Batteries 

5.3 Remote Pilot Station 

      5.3.1 Automated Flight Systems 

5.4 Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

RPAS Mission Planning and Operations



8.1 Information Processing and Decision Making 

8.2 Operational Stress 

8.3 Pilot Fatigue 

8.4 Basic Ergonomics 

8.5 Crew Coordination 

       8.5.1 Effective Communication 

       8.5.2 CRM Decision-Making 63 

8.6 Drugs and Alcohol 

8.7 Threat and Error Management 

      8.7.1 Threats 

      8.7.2 Errors 

      8.7.3 Undesired Aircraft State

Can I Finance My Course?

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