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Gladius Mini

Interest-Free Finance & Layby Available


GST: Included

Dive Deep – with intelligent control.

Small, Stable and Seriously Adventurous

GLADIUS MINI dives deep! Meet the world’s first 5-thruster mini-size underwater drone with Intelligent Control algorithms for fluid navigation. Record 4K UHD video and take 12 MP photos from 330-foot depths, at speeds up to 4 knots!

±45°AdjustableTilt-Lock Mode


4K UHDCamera

Dive To330ft


One TouchDepth-Lock Mode

One TouchShare On Social


Orders are dispatched from the warehouse within 3-4 business days due to the increased volume

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The image restoration algorithm in MINI APP fixes color distortion and makes the picture clearer, brighter and cleaner.

Witness the INTENSITY of nature

Ultra HD 4K video footage brings the vivid underwater world to life.


12 Million pixels






2 x1200 Lumens

Simple, Precision, Game-Like Control



What is the maximum range of GLADIUS MINI?

Maximum depth: 100m Maximum speed: 4knots (2m/s)

How long does it take to charge the drone battery, and how long does a full charge last?

GLADIUS MINI is equipped with a 3A charger. It takes 1.5 hours to charge the drone battery. This full charge will last for about 2 hour.    

How do I know when the GLADIUS MINI is running out of power?

The controller of the GLADIUS MINI is equipped with a Battery Power Indicator which is a red light warning signal starting at 25% battery remaining.

How long is standard shipping?

It generally takes between 7-10 days for customer service center and shipping & return issues

Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT?

Pricing includes free shipping. Pricing does not include taxes, duties or VAT.

Is there a warranty with GLADIUS MINI?

Chasing Innovation provides one-year warranty, for extended warranty terms and conditions please our contact customer support center

Where can I repair my GLADIUS MINI?

For technical issues, please contact

What’s the return policy?

According to our after-sale policy, customers need to pay for return shipment. Please contact for additional information.

I want to change my order, what should I do?

Please contact for order modifications.

If I’m interested in a distribution partnership, who should I contact?

For partnership distributions, please contact

How do I select the 100m upgrade tether?

You can choose the product model on GLADIUS official website page.

Does the drone automatically stabilize at the desired depth?

The 5-thruster design offers various depth control modes to maintain depths and stability. Selected modes offer more or less depth control while maintaining precision stability.

Do the thrusters work independently such that I can pitch the nose of the drone up and down?

The thrusters work independently, and you can pitch the nose of the drone up and down. Gladius MINI supports maximum plus or minus 45-degree pitch angle.

Does the Wi-FI Controller float underwater?

The WI-FI controller does not have waterproof rating. Do not put the controller in the water.

Does the lens have a protection collar to prevent scratching if you bump coral or a prop?

The lens has a certain strength; however, we suggest customers avoid collisions.

What's the record time on the onboard internal storage?

It depends on the capacity of the SD card and the resolution of video.

Is it possible to move GLADIUS MINI sideways at fixed depth and heading?

It supports movement at a fixed depth.

What are the main features?

The size of the mini is 385*226*138mm and the weight is less than 2.5KG. The total weight does not exceed 4KG.

How do I turn GLADIUS MINI On and Off?

Tighten the buoyancy tether, then turn on the switch on the back of the repeater. See the instruction here

What are the Video & Photo formats for GLADIUS MINI?


How to connect your phone to your drone?

Turn on the base station, then connect to the ‘Gladius 5G WiFi’ by your phone. The password is 12345678.

Do I have to control GLADIUS MINI by APP? Are there requirements for the phone model?

Yes, the APP controls the GLADIUS MINI. iOS and Android are both available.

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