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Are you interested in becoming a drone pilot? Droneit will give you the right training to help you earn your drone flying licence. Contact us today to learn more.

Drone Training Drone Industry success starts here

Droneit is the industry leader for drone training, insurance, and licensing in Perth. Unlike our competitors, we are drone pilots and started out just like you. Our online courses are CASA certified, meet QBE standards and you can even pay them off over time, interest-free.

Why drone training in Perth? We're here to help you get started in the industry, which is why we have chosen the best locations around Australia including Perth - which is the hub of everything!Book a free career consultation with us today and we will call you to answer any questions and guide you in the right direction

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Drone Pilot Training Course & Licence

There is a strong possibility that you while flying your drone you have one eye on the marketplace and are starting to notice the numbers of those that are earning by flying increasing. There is no doubt that this is a boom time for those with drones as companies have latched onto the capabilities that they bring and seek to take advantage. However, to legally earn and to attract the kind of work that you might like to, remote pilot licence certification is an absolute must.

Remote Pilot Licence Certification

At Droneit, we are a CASA drone training school. All of our online courses are CASA certified and they also meet QBE standards. What differentiates us from any other drone training service is the fact that we are a team of business people that are also drone pilots. We understand the industry, we understand what it takes to safely and capably fly a drone and we have a better learning platform than anyone else in Australia.

What’s the Value of Having a Remote Pilot Licence?

Those with a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) issued by CASA can retain the services of drone pilots, which means that there are many different employers out there that can hire you to use your drone to achieve their goals. Remote Pilot Licence or RePL licence trainingis essential if you have no previous aviation experience. However, once you have it and start to gain a good reputation in the industry, this can afford you many lucrative opportunities.

Here at Droneit, our services are in place to ensure that pilots can earn money legally by flying their drones. If you are planning on making money from this activity commercially, then failure to do so without a licence could result in a fine of up to $30,000.

A legitimate drone pilot that has the credentials to back their skills will always be much more attractive to companies that have a ReOC. The fact that you have completed the requisite training gives them confidence in your abilities and that you are fully aware of the prevailing regulations and laws, and will fly the drone safely and with consideration for others.

Education is something the gives confidence not only to you as a pilot but to those that hope to retain your services. Having a RePL licencein Australia separates you from the crowd and affords those that wish to benefit from the many way drones can enhance a business additional faith in its ability to become a part of their enterprise going forward, which is good news for all drone pilots.

Invest In A Remote Pilot Licence

Past clients who undertook our courses here at Droneit have achieved the results that they wanted to at their own pace. Our easy to use online platform allows you to read, listen or watch the different training modules and you can even access free additional tutorials should you wish to gain a little more knowledge and insight.

The remote pilot licencecourse is the ultimate way to equip yourself with the knowledge and skill base required to competently fly your drone for commercial reasons. An investment in your education today is the passport toward future earning potential and so we encourage you to book a free career consultation today so that we can help point you in the right direction.

Droneitis a CASA drone training school that helps recreational & commercial fliers earn drone flying licences across Australia. We help train drone pilotsand help fliers earn their remote pilot license. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

Do I Need a Drone Licence?

Yes you do!

It's the biggest question we get asked. You're here because you want to fly commercially and you need training to get that certification. Watch our Chief Pilot, Lee Carseldine, explain why you need good training.

What our students say

"I successfully completed my RePL course. 5 Stars for Droneit."

Andrew Harris

"I've signed up with Droneit and they were terrific to deal with."

Erin Reimer

"I am in the final stages of completing my RePL / AROC / ELP courses with “Droneit. So far the experience has been positive."

Dana Rosen

"I have finished the online modules. Waiting for the practical training. So far I am happy with their service."


"I didn't realise how much I could learn from Droneit in this course. It was easy and fun."

Ted Swift

"I just got my licence in the mail after just a couple of weeks. 5 stars and such a great deal."

Harry Croft

Sub 2KG
Light Commercial

This package is perfect forbeginners, or freelancers drone operators starting out in the industry. This course enables you to obtain insurance with QBE.


Includes Theory & Practical

RePL Express

For those wanting to fly dronescommercially in more restrictedareas, under a ReOC, this courseis for you. Start your business andyour career with a Remote PilotLicence.


Includes $40 CASA Fee

RePL Essentials

For those wanting to fly dronescommercially in more restrictedareas, under a ReOC, this courseis for you. Start your career now.




Includes $90 in CASA Fees

RePL Professional

If you want to start a dronecompany and authorise your ownflights, this course is for you.Never deal with CASA again, flyalmost anywhere with your own ReOC.




Includes all CASA Fees

Price Beat 


If you find a course that is the same as ours, for less, we'll beat it.

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