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Drone Licence & Training In Perth

Up is where a lot of industries are going these days. Not just in terms of revenue or expenditure but with regards to how they can now take advantage of aerial photography, filming and surveillance among many other things to enhance the way that they work. As such, drone training in Perth is something that is sought out more and more frequently.

Professional Drone Training in Perth

While the majority of competent people can learn to pilot a drone in a basic manner, learning what it takes to adhere to the laws that govern their use, and the techniques that make a person a certified pilot is something else entirely.

Here at Droneit, we are the go-to people for those that want to improve their knowledge of drone flying and gain a recognised certification. Our CASA certified courses also meet QBE standards and are accessible to pilots of all levels online. We believe that it is important that a budding drone pilot can learn at their own pace and that they have access to the curriculum in a variety of ways so that the kind of learning they best engage with is available.

How Drone Training Improves Your Employability

While right now you might just be starting out as a drone user, the possibilities are quickly expanding for those that hold certifications and who are licenced pilots. Regardless of where you live in Australia, you can be sure that there is an existing demand for the benefits drones offer.

Industries as diverse as agriculture, law enforcement, entertainment and property planning and development all use drones today. As such, what may be a hobby right now could turn into a skillset that you can use to find new and exciting work opportunities that could open up many more doors.

The uses for drones are almost limitless. Search and rescue missions depend on their presence for greater coverage in a shorter amount of time. Aerial photography is a huge market already. And with major companies such as Amazon in place to use drones to deliver packages, this is a growth industry.

However, one of the key benefits of gaining a drone licence in Perth is that it separates you from the casual users and builds the community of those with greater insight into what is required for safe and responsible flying.

Pilots of aircraft are a wonderful addition in this regard since their extensive knowledge of flight can feed into the community and help promote more effective and smarter approaches to flying drones.

Get Your Drone Licence In Perth Today

At Droneit, we appreciate that while you might just want to enjoy your drone for recreational purposes at the moment, the time you spend flying will all add up and build your skill level. Our courses are here to help you achieve a greater degree of professionalism faster, and we are proud to be able to boast a pass rate of 99% for commercial drone certifications.

The testimonials received to date praise the balance that we have struck between classroom theory and operational management in the field, and we invite those curious to see how others have fared with our learning model to check out the reviews on our Facebook page.

A free career consultation is available to you today, and so we invite you to call to discuss how our drone training offers Perth’s aspiring pilots a more affordable and better way of achieving certification.

Droneitis a CASA drone training school that helps recreational & commercial fliers earn drone flying licences across Australia. We help train drone pilotsand help fliers earn their remote pilot license. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.



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