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Drone Licence & Training In Sydney

Drones have quickly become a key part of modern life in Australia. Remotely controlling the flight of something is undoubtedly fun when responsibly done, but what is now very apparent is the fact that they offer a key new angle to many industries in terms of how they can deliver their services.

How to Obtain a Drone Licence in Sydney

Everyone from farmers to building planners and property salespeople uses drones today in order to enhance the value that they can offer to their customers. Those that wish to do so in accordance with the prevailing CASA rules and are seeking drone training in Sydney are invited to get in touch with the team here at Droneit, for a streamlined, extensive and highly lauded courses that will deliver the certification you require.

Naturally, we offer a range of courses to ensure that drone pilots of all levels can find the appropriate knowledge base to draw from and improve their current understanding. While hobbyists and those who bought their drone because of their love for gadgets may have no inclination toward making a buck out their use of it, there are still many advantages to be had by engaging with training and gaining a drone licence in Sydney.

Benefits of Drone Training

Knowledge is power, and here at Droneit, we believe that advancing your appreciation of the intricacies of how a drone works, how best to calibrate and pilot it is an undertaking that will stand to you for many years. Education is no burden to bear, and when it can help you enjoy your pursuit in a safer manner, then it also benefits those in the vicinity while you do so.

No matter if you are a commercial user or just taking the drone out to the park on the weekends, our courses will help you gain a better understanding of the prevailing laws that apply to drones. There have been more than a few problems at airports around the world in recent months as a result of the presence of drones flying in no-fly zones.

Lost revenue, delays to the lives of thousands of people and a particularly negative impact on the law-abiding drone community are just some of the knock-on effects of this irresponsible behaviour. As such, compliance and certification ensure that you use your drone in a way that is socially conscious.

In commercial terms, the possibilities that drones afford a registered and certified pilot are endless. Film and television crews are increasing their use of drones to achieve more for less, and so, even casual users with certification could derive a new income should they choose to.

Get The Proper Training For A Drone Licence In Sydney

At Droneit, we want to make the process toward commercial certification as easy as possible and in order to do so we have created a state-of-the-art online learning system. Your entire curriculum is available to read online, watch or even listen via podcast, and it is even mobile friendly.

The ability to learn on your own time is also backed by free tutorials if you believe you could use some additional assistance. Our app is free to Android and iOS users and offers a wealth of functionality that will perfectly complement your learning.

Drone training Sydney pilots can turn to that has a 99% pass rate for commercial certifications is available right here at Droneit. Our courses are CASA certified and meet QBE standards, and with a number of financing possibilities accessible, we truly offer the best means to certification on the market. Get in touch today to book your place.

Droneitis a CASA drone training school that helps recreational & commercial fliers earn drone flying licences across Australia. We help train drone pilotsand help fliers earn their remote pilot license. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.



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